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Owen the Fox Stuffed Animal Doll Toy (Organic Cotton)

Owen the Fox Stuffed Animal Doll Toy (Organic Cotton)




Eco Friendly Kids Product

This unique stuffed animal makes a cute baby gift or birthday gift. And cute Owen Fox is handmade!

  • This unique stuffed animal is handmade
  • This handmade toy is made from russet-colored organic cotton, with white on his face and tail
  • This unique stuffed animal fox measures about 15 inches tall, ear to toe
  • His eyes, nose, and whiskers are hand embroidered with cotton thread
  • Owen the handmade toy fox is stuffed with washable fiberfill, so if he gets scuffed or grimy, you can spot clean or hand wash him and let him air dry
  • This unique stuffed animal is safe for babies and fun for bigger kids. For safety's sake, please remove loose clothing before giving him to a very young child.
  • Owen Fox lives around a pond in the forest with Lucas Rabbit and Lewis Toad. They do industrious projects together and make each other presents.
  • Owen the handmade toy fox loves to go to his secret tree house and practice his dance moves. He says he's such a nimble dancer because he has a low center of gravity. But the other animals, who have similarly low centers of gravity, say he just has a lot of energy.
  • Owen's dapper tailcoat is made of dark green cotton jersey. It has a silver snap closure. It's quite classy really. And it leaves the perfect space for his tail. It is removable if he or the other organic animals we carry want to try new outfits, or if he gets overheated from dancing.
  • This handmade toy fox makes a cute baby shower gift or birthday gift!

Note: Each unique stuffed animal is handmade individually, and so there will be slight variations from the photos.