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Dreaming Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Big Boys Dog Tee
Dreaming Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Big Boys Dog Tee


Eco Friendly Kids Product

This cool organic cotton boys tee features a cool dog wearing sunglasses. This laid-back children's T-shirt features incredibly soft organic cotton fabric. Paper Wings, which is known for fun illustrations, made this super cool and trendy organic cotton children's T-shirt. This organic cotton boys tee is comfortable clothing kids can wear every day.

  • 100% organic cotton knit fabric
  • Chemical free organic cotton fabric is softer than conventional cotton fabric
  • Breathable organic cotton
  • Digitally printed pattern is on the front and back of this kids T-shirt
  • Pattern features a cool dog wearing sunglasses on the beach, while palm trees wave in the breeze
  • Children like this super soft organic cotton fabric
  • My nephew loves to wear our cool tees by Paper Wings
  • Cool kid styling
  • Short sleeves
  • Model is wearing a size 6 tee
  • Paper Wings is the best cool clothing for boys to wear every day

Size Chart for This Organic Cotton Boys Tee (approximate height, chest, waist, and hip measurements):

  • 850.375 inch height, 26.75 inch chest, 24.75 inch waist, 28 inch hip
  • 1055.25 inch height, 28.625 inch chest, 26.25 inch waist, 30.25 inch hip
  • 12:  59.75 inch height, 30.625 inch chest, 27.625 inch waist, 32.625 inch hip
  • 1464.5 inch height, 32.625 inch chest, 29 inch waist, 35 inch hip


Machine wash cold.